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PF Wonder Products has evolved into a brand from our uniquely formulated paste, PF Wonder Salve. Our mission is to provide horse owners with an all-inclusive solution to handle a variety of cuts, sores, proud flesh, rain rot and more. An unblemished horse is more valuable than a blemished horse. As Dr. Bruce Lyle, DVM, of Aubrey Equine Clinic noted, PF Wonder Salve produces an outstanding cosmetic result with little to no scarring.

Where It Began

We are horse owners and animal lovers, too! PF Wonder Salve was originally used by our family over the years for a variety of cuts, and skin conditions on horses and other livestock. PF Wonder Salve gently eliminates even the worst proud flesh. This unique solution dates back to the 1960’s. In 2013, PF Wonder Salve was growing by word of mouth among friends and local veterinarians. That is when Melanie Wilfong decided it was time to offer PF Wonder Salve to the horse world. The Wilfongs are 5th generation horsemen and ranchers in central Texas.

The Mare Who Started It All

Rodeo Queen is a bucking-bred filly we bought injured at a sale for $175. She had a contusion after kicking thru a slat in the chute during the sale. The photos from start to finish are 12 weeks, but the biggest changes took place the first 6 weeks. She was 100% sound within a couple of weeks. Click below to see her before and after leg injury photos. The rapid healing and impressive result caught the attention of many who saw it. That was when we decided to go into the production of PF Wonder Salve.


The list of veterinarians recommending PF Wonder Salve for their patients/clients is growing. If your veterinarian referred you to PF Wonder Salve products, we would love to hear from you.

Ride For The Brand

In 2014, we introduced a product line including an essential wound and skin wash, a soft-tissue liniment, bandage supplies, veterinary consultation with Dr. Bruce Lyle, and a growing line of canine products. We continue expanding our brand with the same care and precision that goes into making PF Wonder Salve.

Our Team

Melanie Wilfong

Melanie Wilfong

Owner | Founder

Bob Wilfong

Bob Wilfong

Rancher, Wilfong Ranches

Dr. Bruce E. Lyle, DVM

Dr. Bruce E. Lyle, DVM

Consultant | Aubrey Equine Clinic

What we do best?

Make Horses Happy

It’s as simple as that! It’s what we do best. Seeing is believing.

Make Customers Happy

We love nothing more than seeing a horse turn around. We LOVE our customers and they seem to like us, too.

Produce The Best

We produce the absolute best equine wellness products on the market. Our customers are our testimony

Happy Horses, Happy Customers

Thanks to the buzz our customers have created, the list of veterinarians using PF Wonder Salve is growing.

PF Wonder Salve was included in the 2017 Kentucky Derby Trainer Welcome Bags. It was an honor to be including and we are thrilled to be included again in 2018.


Happy Customers

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