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How To Clean Wound On Horse

First, understand what type of wound you are dealing with. A description of the different wound types is listed below. For the first cleansing, you may use a weakened solution of hydrogen peroxide to help flush foreign debris from the wound. This is the only time hydrogen peroxide should be used, as it is damaging to healthy tissue and will hinder healing.

  • Incised wounds: These are made by a sharp object such as a knife or a piece of broken glass. They will have clean-looking edges and may bleed heavily if blood vessels are cut.
  • Tears: More jagged edges. These kinds of wounds are often caused by barbed wire. They are very unlikely to bleed as badly as an incised wound because the wound is usually created by a pulling or pushing action against an object. Blood vessels, being elastic, are often able to stretch or slide with the foreign object and then spring back into position.
  • Puncture wounds: Caused by the likes of a stake or nail. Will usually not bleed heavily because of the elasticity mentioned for tears, but if the object does manage to puncture a major blood vessel then the outcome for the unlucky horse may be fatal.
  • Abrasions: Caused by friction. A rope burn is a typical abrasion. Most abrasions normally involve only the skin and hair, but sometimes they can go deeper. Abrasions will often seep blood or body fluids and can look very messy.
  • Contusions: Essentially, an internal wound. The tissues have been damaged and are bleeding, but the skin is not broken. Usually, there will be swelling at the site and the horse will show discomfort.

Most wounds can be treated by the horse owner unless they involve the eye, or deeper tissues such as tendons, muscles joints, and, of course, bones. In these cases, the risk is that the horse may not fully recover unless proper treatment is given, so it is recommended the vet be called.

Once you have flushed the wound, apply PF Wonder Wash to clean the area. PF Wonder Wash may be applied directly with your hand and lathered. Or, you may apply the wash diluted with water in a squeeze bottle. Dish washing soap, or mustard squeeze bottles work well for applying the wash, if the area is tender and sore. If the wound is several days old, you may find it’s best to lather and apply PF Wonder Wash with your hands. Lather area, and rinse. After area is washed and dried, apply PF Wonder Salve. PF Wonder Salve prevents and eliminates proud Flesh (excess tissue granulation), and will substantially reduce length of treatment time.

For best results, avoid excessive hosing, and high pressure washing as this damages tissue, and delays healing. Ideally after cleaning area with wash, flush the area with saline via a squeezable bottle.

Treatment For Ring Worm, Rain Rot, Summer Itch, Bald Patches, Rashes & More

All new PF Wonder Wash is especially beneficial for irritated rashes, bare spots, ring worm, summer itch, fungal skin issues, bites, bumps. It is effective for cleaning areas before applying PF Wonder Salve. It is deep cleansing, but not damaging. PF Wonder Wash does not sting or burn irritated, raw areas. PF Wonder Wash is a very effective cleanser. PF Wonder Wash is a pure, deep cleansing wash that does not leave a residue.

PF Wonder Wash

PF Wonder Wash is made from dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder, and kernel oil for an all-natural cleansing process. Plantains skins are largely what make this wash so effective. It is a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron.  Production of the wash includes drying plantain skins under the sun, and then roasted in a clay oven. Afterwards, cocoa pod powder is added. Cocoa pod is the shell of the cocoa fruit and also has natural healing properties. PF Wonder Wash produces a thick, soft lather due to the unique ingredients, and quality controlled production process. It leaves your skin incredibly supple, and naturally moisturized. The was is concentrated. A little goes a long way, and lathers up well.

A Few Reasons You May Steal The Wash From Your Horse:

  • PF Wonder Wash helps deep clean skin.
  • Works on most skin types including rough and dry or sensitive skin.
  • Help clear skin bumps and spots by using the wash daily.
  • Helps relieve acne, oily skin & other skin problems.
  • Great for removing makeup.
  • Benefits against premature facial lines and wrinkles.
  • May also be lathered and used as an effective shampoo.
  • Is beneficial for eczema and psoriasis.

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Ingredients: Purified water, wild crafted virgin palm kernel oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, ash of dried plantains, banana leaves, cocoa pods,distilled pine gum resin & Agow tree bark.




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