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Cut Foot & Coronary Band on Horse


Hoof & Coronary Band Injury

The horse shown below was initially seen by Dr. Lu Ann Grove, DVM., at the The Whole Horse Veterinary Clinic. The horse’s wound was cleaned and examined for structural damage of the hoof. The owner expressed that she wanted to use PF Wonder Salve on the foot. Dr. Groves was open to using the salve, and was thrilled six weeks later at the results. The total duration of photos shown in gallery was just under six weeks. . Click on photos to see full size.

I have used this product on several severe wounds with great success.

Lu Ann Groves

DVM, The Whole Horse Veterinary Clinic

Cut Foot & Coronary Band

The mare shown below got hung up in barb wire and was left with one of the worst wire cuts we’ve seen. Her entire foot was almost cut completely off. The cut was packed with ichthammol the first couple of days, and the mare was given antibiotics. After a couple days, PF Wonder Salve was all that was used on the mare. It took one large jar, and one small one. Duration was about 4 months. Great care taking by Kathy Edwards, wife of cowboy singing legend, Don Edwards.

Cut Foot & Coronary Band on Horse

A cut to the coronary band can be devastating. This colt severely cut his foot all the way through the coronary band. Fortunately, he healed in just 6 weeks and was sound. Considering the injury severity, the scar is minimal.


  • For best results, properly bandage foot injuries
  • Wash wound bed with PF Wonder Wash
  • Apply PF Wonder Salve applithe ed to area
  • Change the bandage every 2-3 days
  • Follow PF Wonder Salve enclosed directions


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