“I have used this product on several severe cases, with great success.”

-Lu Ann Groves, DVM, The Whole Horse


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by Kathy Ambrose on PF Wonder Wash
PF Wonder Wash

This prduct is excellent.

by Isabelle Wilkens on PF Wonder Salve
Simply Amazed!

Living in Hawaii, my horse has had chronic summer sores, but not anymore! I heard about PF Wonder Salve from one of the vets on the island, Dr. Himenes. It is the only thing that has worked. It cleared up the sores completely. I'll never be without it. Thank you for making this great product.

by Diane on PF Wonder Salve
Unbelieveable results!

My gelding had a very bad inside hock wound from being chased through electric fence. Huge at least 6" by 6" and the flesh was pretty much gone.I started with my usual cleaning triple antibiotic and wrapping. By the third day being in the hock joint and no place to contain him the wrap was not going to work any more. I went on to proud flesh remover and a dust. I had a protrusion of proud flesh in the center of the hock that stuck out about an inch. I woke up in the middle of the night and started searching for another avenue. I found PF Salve. Not knowing how it would work I ordered the 2 oz size. Cleaned the wound up, let it dry and applied the PF Salve. It is black and covers everything. Not seeing the red ugly wound just made me feel better after that first application. So much oozing I was cleaning and reapplying every other day. Now I am up to 3-4 days before I reapply. I sometimes touch it up if there is a place that is rubbed off. I am ordering my 3rd 2 oz bottle today. I would of started with the larger bottle if I would of known how successful the wound healing would be. Worth every penny! The wound is 8 weeks old and I have been using PF 6 weeks. Each time I used PF the large proud flesh shrank, plus it kept proud flesh from developing on the rest of the wound. Today the protrusion is a slight hump and the wound is healing in from all sides. Every bit of the healed part has a nice coat of hair. I am so surprised and delighted about that! I have years of experience healing wounds on horses and have never had such a serious wound. I can't tell you how pleased I am with this product. I will always have PF in my medicine kit. Thanks so much for inventing and marketing such a fine product. Too bad only people on the internet have access to this product in my area. I am telling all my horse friends about my success!

by Kip Hering on PF Wonder Salve
My Old War Horse is good to go again

Scotty, my old (25+) now retired polo pony skinned himself up badly when he came out second best with a T-post in his corral. I washed the wound with Betadine then painted it with Wonder Salve, covered the long cuts with stick-on Telfa pads. It took several to cover all the wounds. Then covered them with standing wraps. I changed him every two days. After the wounds dried I left the wraps off. Scotty is good to go again. I use him to pony another polo retiree at a walk. Both are happy.

Great Product!

My bulldog has chronic ear infections often and this is really helping. I also love the brand for equines as well....

by Suanne on PF Wonder Salve

Does what it says! Great stuff.

by Christine Mills on PF Wonder Salve

Words cannot express how wonderful this salve is! I had been doctoring a four-inch hide peel back on a 2-month-old filly for six weeks, trying to keep the proud flesh at bay with a popular product that I usually have very good success with. Well this was a stubborn one, stitches didn't hold due to being on edge of knee cap running perpendicular to ground. Two weeks of using this Wonder Salve, wrapping only first two applications 3 days apart. Treated as open wound after that and it healed up great! I am very, very impressed with this product. Wish I had taken pictures! I would highly recommend to anybody dealing with a stubborn wound prone to proud flesh development. This will always be in our first aid kit!

by Christine Mills on PF Wonder Wash
Good Stuff

I ordered this wash when I purchased the wonder salve. Used the wash for the first time 2 days ago. It did a great job on a minor cut and the horse didn't even flinch so it obviously does not sting.

by Stephen on PF Wonder Wash
Wonder Wash and Salve

Wash was easy to use and lathered up and cleaned great. The salve also did dramatic wonders on a barb wire cut. Still in the healing process but satisfied with the ease of application! Reccomend this product to anyone. Simple.. Easy.. efficent!

by Nicole Devore on PF Wonder Wash

Absolutely amazing product! I will never use anything else on a wound. Plus excellent customer service!!! Extremely satisfied!

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