“I have used this product on several severe cases, with great success.”

-Lu Ann Groves, DVM, The Whole Horse


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Strong stuff little jar

It is amazing the power this little jar holds...literally only takes a little bit on the end of the included paint brush and it seals and heals...great to know my babies are healing with no scars.

by Jessica on PF Wonder Wash
Must have

This wash is a must have to aid with the salve...it cleaned the wound so well, you can truly see clean clear flesh to treat with salve. The wash bubbled up great showing it was working and was pain free to our horses! For sure a must have in our treatment cabinet.

I will NEVER be without this product

My Horse had a fly irritation that started to grow proud flesh. Vet cut it and gave me antibiotic which was not really doing much. Saw this PF Wonder salve on the website only got the small 2oz because you know how stuff never works and I didn't want to waste too much money. Came in the mail used it LOVE IT and the best thing IT WORKS.

by Peter Reid on PF Wonder Wash
leg injury

Product works very well in conjunction with Wonder Salve and cleans the wound well.No stinging. Recommend its use.

by Alexa Richards on PF Wonder Salve 6 oz. Jar
The Answer to my Prayers

My OTTB had a horrendous injury on his fetlock. I was dealing with several months of a non-healing wound and proud flesh kept winning the battle. Then I came across PF Wonder Salve. After seeing the case studies I decided to give it a try and I'm sure glad I did. After about 7 weeks, the wound completely healed and has a minor blemish of where it was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this product!

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Amazing product

I spent weeks and weeks trying to heal my mare's leg injury. She got tangled in cyclone fencing and skinned the outside of her hind leg. The proud flesh was taking over and I was desperate to find a product to help. Within a few days of using PF Wonder Salve I could already see a difference and a couple of weeks later it was almost healed completely ... No proud flesh! I literally cried with happiness after weeks and weeks of despair. I would most definitely recommend this product for any wound injury!

by John Rinnier on Blank Business Name
Chocolate Quick say's IT WORKS!!!!!

I was not sure if anything would work on a wound that I could put my fist in and see her leg bone after she put it through a wheelbarrow, destroying it and the leg. I tried other remedies for two months and thought it looked fairly good until one morning I walked in the barn, and it was torn open almost as bad as it was when she first injured it. I started searching the web and found PF Wonder Salve and Wonder Wash, so I called Melanie, and she explained how it worked and gave me great advice so I ordered it. After the 2nd treatment, I called my wife and told her to make me an eye appointment because I could not believe my eyes. Three weeks later and the wound is looking great. I have recommended this product to my vet and everybody I know that has horses. I give it a ten star rating.

by Brenda Bridges on Blank Business Name
I recommend this product to every horse person I meet!

My gelding caught his leg on barbed wire, and ripped the skin diagonally open to the bone, just below the hock joint. After a month of the vet's, and other horse owner's advice, I ended up with proud flesh. The vet was going to come out and cut the proud flesh off, and I was not happy with that treatment. A little research on the internet resulted in finding your website. I was impressed by the testimonials, and reviews, and decided to give it a try. I am SO glad I did. In only one application, I saw a dramatic difference! I was amazed. This is not an exaggeration either. It is a wonderful product and I highly, highly recommend this to anyone treating this kind of injury. I wish I had had it in the beginning instead of wasting a month's time on everyone else's remedies. I can't say enough good things about PF Wonder Salve. I have it on hand and will never be without it again.

by Mary Ann Massey on Blank Business Name
Arabian mare knee wound

My mare stumbled and fell on frozen ground in early January, and tore the flesh open on her right foreleg, just below the knee joint. The vet decided not to stitch it because of the location of the injury, and advised me to simply flush with saline, and apply an ointment every 3 days, and give her a month of stall rest. I discovered PF Wonder Salve while searching online for treating proud flesh and decided to give it a try. After just over 3 weeks of applying the salve, my mare's knee is almost completely closed with no proud flesh! I highly recommend this product for use on any severe injury where proud flesh will be a problem. She will be good as new. Thank you PF Wonder Salve!

by Lu Ann Groves DVM on Blank Business Name
PF Wondersalve is terrific

I have used this product on several severe cases, with great success.

by Christine Dehart on Blank Business Name
worked like a miracle!!!!

I am so grateful that my horse healed. In regard to the proud flesh, the salve worked like a miracle! I was ready to give up. It means a lot to me, the help you have given me. I will write more later when I have time to concentrate, and really think about a very complementary statement on behalf of your product. I'll keep in touch. You provided the miracle I searched for! I am very grateful.Christine

by Julie Munford on Blank Business Name

This salve is amazing. I wish more people would be willing to try something new. I have used it on Clark, and the results were amazing! It helped keep the area dry and not oozy. He healed quickly and it looks great. I plan to always have some on hand.

by Karyn Lidgard on Blank Business Name
Finally A Product That Works!

I wish I had known about this product from day 1! Or at very least after Surgery.. Would have saved us not only time and money but stress on my horse AND after so many set backs with different products and remedies, we would be so much further along the healing process by now!

Venus injury was quite severe, which you can see in the photos. She managed to cut her hind leg to the bone, slightly de-gloving and exposing a large portion of bone. She also severed both extensor tendons and to make matters worse, was 7 months pregnant at the time!

The wound was initially treated with Honey & pawpaw until the bone was almost completely covered with proud flesh. We then had a series of x-rays and surgery to remove dead fragments of the bone face and remove some of the worst thickness of proud and dead flesh. After surgery the wound was looking fantastic, but it wasn't long until the proud flesh started to get out of control. I tried EVERYTHING; honey, multiple proud flesh treatments from the tack store, copper sulphate, and eventually lime.. None of it worked, and I was morally against treating my horse with such harsh agents, but didnt know what else to do except persist...and she, a very placid old mare (not even sedated for surgery!) was starting to object such harsh treatments...

Thats when I went searching on the internet, and found some old posts in a US horse forum about found PF Wonder Salve. I Googled it, took a chance, and purchased it.... and what an absolute life saver it has been!

Melanie has been great, answering all my questions, calming my worries about import to Australia, and postage times and being in touch throughout the process.

At first I applied it every day, then every second day.. and now am only applying every 3-5th day as time will allow. The leg is still bandaged as I think it helps, but also I am worried about more bone fragments...there may be more x-rays and surgery ahead for us, but without PF Wonder Salve, i honestly dont want to imagine where we would be right now! It has made SUCH a difference to the swift recovery of my horse. Not only locking out dirt, and bugs, but actually assisting with the return of healthy flesh around the wound. As the proud flesh shrinks, the healthy scar tissue and skin return around the edges of the area, its amazing.

Venus foaled a lovely filly on the 14th of October. And I am so thankful that we were able to save the life of not only Venus herself, but Morningstar too!

I have since had the opportunity to recommend PF Wonder Salve to TWO people whom I have met through FaceBook who were also seeking solutions for their horses injuries, and will do so again! From now on, I will ALWAYS keep this product in my first aid kit!

Karyn Lidgard

by Robin Bales on Blank Business Name
Love this product!!

I have had two ocassions to use this product and the results on both were wonderful. Fist was on a severe cut to the pastern of one of our broodmares. It just wouldn't heal so I saw this product on line and ordered it. In the first week, you could see the transition starting and within a month (after 3 months of no healing) it was completely closed with very minimal scarring. The second was on a 2 month old foal that got into a smooth wire fence. The best part of the Wonder Salve is that it doesn't sting at all. The foal would literally stand still for the treatment and it did a wonderful job of keeping the flies off. Both hind legs were involved and one was very deep. The deep one took several months, but again, it closed in with minimal scarring and the best part is that we didn't have to hurt the colt and ruin his sweet disposition by putting something on it that hurt him. Thank you, PF Wonder Salve

by Allyson Stephens on Blank Business Name
This product is amazing

I used PF Wonder Salve twice, once in a horrific accident my 11 year old gelding suffered from on his hock and again on a 3 year old gelding who had a wire above his hoof. In both cases, this product seriously worked great. I don't know how my gelding didn't get an infection with as deep a wound as he suffered from but he didn't and I think it was due to this product. It kept it incredibly clean and after using for a few weeks I noticed how quickly the area started to close. It took over 6 months for it to close completely and by using the product every day and by following the instructions exactly, it closed without any major problems. I will definitely use this product in an emergency if I am unfortunate enough to suffer from something like that again.

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