“I have used this product on several severe cases, with great success.”

-Lu Ann Groves, DVM, The Whole Horse


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Does what it says! Great stuff.

by Christine Mills on PF Wonder Salve 2 oz. Jar

Words cannot express how wonderful this salve is! I had been doctoring a four-inch hide peel back on a 2-month-old filly for six weeks, trying to keep the proud flesh at bay with a popular product that I usually have very good success with. Well this was a stubborn one, stitches didn't hold due to being on edge of knee cap running perpendicular to ground. Two weeks of using this Wonder Salve, wrapping only first two applications 3 days apart. Treated as open wound after that and it healed up great! I am very, very impressed with this product. Wish I had taken pictures! I would highly recommend to anybody dealing with a stubborn wound prone to proud flesh development. This will always be in our first aid kit!

by Christine Mills on PF Wonder Wash
Good Stuff

I ordered this wash when I purchased the wonder salve. Used the wash for the first time 2 days ago. It did a great job on a minor cut and the horse didn't even flinch so it obviously does not sting.

by Stephen on PF Wonder Wash
Wonder Wash and Salve

Wash was easy to use and lathered up and cleaned great. The salve also did dramatic wonders on a barb wire cut. Still in the healing process but satisfied with the ease of application! Reccomend this product to anyone. Simple.. Easy.. efficent!

by Nicole Devore on PF Wonder Wash

Absolutely amazing product! I will never use anything else on a wound. Plus excellent customer service!!! Extremely satisfied!

by Nicole Devore on PF Wonder Salve 6 oz. Jar
Gentle and Strong

Gentle and strong. I had a severe case of proud flesh within one week of use proud flesh, swelling and limp were eliminated. Amazing product that I firmly stand behind and will always use.

by Michell A. on PF Wonder Salve 2 oz. Jar

I saw a change for the better right away, I am very happy I found this product by accident and highly recommend it!

by Lydee Scudder on PF Wonder Salve 2 oz. Jar

It's done the job in record time and my vet is amazed.

great stuff

We did not buy this right away so he was on his way to healing. He had a mean wire cut on the back of his heel toward the hoof, the vet said she believed it had hit the bone. We used sugar with a tad of betadine packed it and wrapped it every day for 2 or 3 weeks, then changed the wrap every day and a half. After the first month, we bought the salve. We would use the sugar every two days then the salve. I loved this salve because we used for a short while bandaged then when it was ready to come off we would put the salve on every other day and the salve stays on so well. It keeps out the dirt and flies and I never had any sign of proud flesh. I would recommend this product.

by Vickie DeRicco on PF Wonder Wash
Wonder wash

Best ever, did a great job cleaning up my horses wound on the side of his neck. I will use it anytime I need to from now on.

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