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It goes without saying, never leave a colt turned out wearing a halter. We are seeing more and more cases of seriously embedded halters. There is no excuse or reason for this. This rescued yearling colt, and seven others, were rescued by a wonderful PF Wonder Salve customer.

How To Treat Ingrown Halter On Horse

You may need veterinary assistance depending on how badly embedded the halter is. The halter must be carefully cut in sections to be removed. It’s best to lubricate the area so that when the nose band is removed there is no further damage. The area was cleaned well with PF Wonder Wash, then PF Wonder Salve was applied to area. Never apply the salve to exposed bone. In cases where there is exposed bone, allow the bone to form granulation tissue before applying salve. In this case there was no exposed bone. The salve forms a protective shield, and repels flies. The salve will also smooth the edges minimizing scarring.


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