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PF Immune Tonic
Indian Summer Deodorant

Indian Summer Ayurvedic Deodorant Powder

$ 23.97

Indian Summer Ayurvedic Deodorant Powder

$ 23.97

All-natural blend of sandalwood, spices, resins, rose, tulsi, vetiver, and more. It smells magical, and is also used as a perfume! The powder is made in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition that includes applying ground herbs and spices to the body. It is regarded as a centuries-old, powerful aphrodisiac.

Replace toxic perfumes and deodorants!

  • Ingredients: herbs, spices, woods, resins, essential oils blended in the finest red sandalwood base
  • Each jar contains 5 grams of powder, and lasts around 3 months
  • This woodsy, resinous scent is enjoyed by men and women



Experience the uplifting magic of Indian Summer Ayurvedic deodorant powder. A divinely smooth, and captivating aromatic experience, Indian Summer works with your body to create a calm, uplifting sensation of bliss. This intoxicating, all-natural fragrance adjusts to your own body chemistry. Wear it as a deodorant; wear it as a perfume; wear it to feel good!

  • Botanical-based fragrance makes you smell incredible. The powder releases it’s scent as your body heats. We use the finest herbs, gums, resins, rare spices, and the highest grade sandalwood powder blended with premium essential oils.
  • Each jar lasts 3 months with daily use. The glass pot comes inside a cloth pouch, along with a scoop. Indian Summer Deodorant Powder disappears right into your skin and does not stain your skin or clothing.
  • You will get many compliments wearing this mysterious, alluring fragrance! In a world of synthetics, be natural; smell divine.

Ancient Ayurvedic Blend

The magical fragrance of Indian Summer Deodorant Powder is made using an ancient formula dating back thousands of years.The alchemists in those days blended this fragrance by mixing oil and sandalwood powder with a rich bouquet of herbs, flowers and spices. It was used during worship, prayer and meditation. This powder was considered as a precious possession, which only rulers, nobles and priests had the privilege of using.
The powder is easy to use, and one can use it in several ways:

  • The powder can be used to eliminate body odor, and is a great way to replace toxin-filled deodorants
  • known to elevate moods. Inhale the scent to calm an agitated mind.
  • It works amazingly well as a perfume
  • Does not stain skin or clothes

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

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