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PF Wonder Dog | Ear Cleaner

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PF Wonder Dog ear cleaner provides fast relief from painful, itchy ears caused by fungal, yeast and bacterial infections. PF Wonder Dog aids maintaining good ear hygiene. PF Wonder Dog kills ear mites and Spinose ticks without harmful chemicals or pesticides. The mites are killed via mechanical action. PF Wonder Dog is ideal for dogs that display chronic ear problem symptoms such as redness, pain, swelling, scratching, head shaking, and unpleasant ear residue.

  • More effective and affordable than enzymatic solutions 
  • Immediate and dramatic results; halts chronic ear infection cycle
  • Guaranteed to work; replaces vet visits and antibiotics for ear infections
  • Life changing dog and cat ear infection treatment. Relief after the first flush
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Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol, Witch-Hazel, 14 PPM Nano Silver, Sodium Borate, Hexamethyl Pararosaniline Chloride, Clove Oil.

How It Works

PF Wonder Dog safely kills ear mites by mechanical action vs. harmful chemicals or pesticides. Sodium Borate is a natural mineral that kills parasites and insects. PF Wonder Dog keeps ears clean and free of odor by rinsing away fungal, and bacterial microbes. Hexamethyl Pararosaniline Chloride is recognized for antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties. Nano Silver has been shown to kill viruses and microbes. Witch Hazel is recognized for relieving itching, pain and swelling (inflammation). Isopropyl Alcohol aids in drying overly moist ears, and prevents swimmers’ ear. Isopropyl Alcohol is also a cleaning agent, disinfectant, and astringent.


Shake well. Fill ear with solution & massage gently for 30 seconds, then wipe with a tissue. Fill ear canal a second time, and wipe without massaging. Excess solution will be shaken out of ear. Solution may stain. An eye dropper may be used as an alternative method of application. Avoid getting in eyes.

Dosage: Apply once day for 2-3 days. Then apply as needed for the next 2 weeks. Apply one time per month thereafter. Repeat cycle as needed. 

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