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PF Wonder Wash Foam Spray Wound Wash and Cleaner
Foaming Wound Wash Spray Antibacterial

PF Wonder Wash Foam

$ 19.00

All new PF Wonder Wash Foam spray effectively in cleans areas before the application of PF Wonder Salve.  It gets deep in crevices and thoroughly cleans without damage. The neutral pH level of PF Wonder Wash is ideal and makes the wash the perfect accompaniment to PF Wonder Salve. We highly recommend PF Wonder Wash for areas where PF Wonder Salve is being used. 16 fl. oz foam sprayer.

Warning: You may like this product so much you will steal it from your horse, and use it yourself. Gentle enough for a baby. Non-irritating. Great for acne and psoriasis.

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How It Works
PF Wonder Wash Foam Spray is ideal for cleaning cuts and sores. It is ideal for summer itch, rashes and bites. It prevents transmission of fungal conditions when used to rinse girths or other equipment shared between horses. PF Wonder Wash Foam Spray is naturally anti-bacterial and naturally anti-fungal. It is beneficial for irritated rashes, bare spots, ringworm, summer itch, fungal skin issues, bites, and bumps. PF Wonder Wash does not sting or burn irritated, raw areas.

Directions: Spray and rinse. You may scrub as needed for minor skin conditions.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 11 in
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