What Is Proud Flesh?

Proud flesh is an overgrowth of pink granulation tissue. Granulation tissue is what fills in damaged areas between soft tissue and over bones. Ideally, granulation tissue stops forming as the skin edges grow together to close the wound. However, generally, this tissue becomes exuberant, and you can have an overgrowth within days. Proud flesh bulges and continues growing about skin level. The wound will never heal, or grow hair when granulation tissue becomes exuberant. Newly formed, healthy skin will not form over the wound when proud flesh is present.


Veterinary Consultation

If you are dealing with a non-healing wound, or injury involving exposed bone, we highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Bruce E. Lyle, DVM, of Aubrey Equine Clinic. Proud flesh is one of the most mismanaged, and misunderstood elements of wound healing in the equine world. With PF Wonder Salve, there is no need for surgical removal of proud flesh!

Schedule a consultation with renowned lameness expert, Dr. Bruce Lyle, DVM for a second opinion, X-ray review, or wound management advice.

Wound Care Tips For Horses

  • Telfa pads are highly recommended. The pads keep the salve on area vs. absorbing into the cotton padding.
  • Gauze cling wrap gently holds cotton padding in place before applying self-adhering tape.
  • Lastly, self-adhering bandage tape provides strong, snug support.
  • Disposable diapers work well on foot/ankle areas, but cotton padding, shown on the left, is ideal for leg issues. Cotton padding allows for just the right amount of pressure from the self-adhesive bandage tape.

Cotton padding is what we prefer to use on lower limbs, and have found it provides the best type of padding and support. Cotton rolls like this may be found at most farm and ranch stores, and feed stores.

How To Bandage A Wound

  • This video will show you how to bandage a lower limb with cotton padding, gauze cling wrap and self-adhesive bandage tape. Always apply bandage with outside bandage wrap going towards the tail! Never apply wrap in the wrong direction. The horse in the video is a bucking mare. She has never had a halter on her head, so she could not be cross-tied in the barn. Notice how well an un-handled bucking horse reacts to the bandaging process after application of the salve. The first few days the salve was applied with a long handled sponge brush. She quickly learned getting the salve applied, along with a wrap was a good thing. See her amazing before & after photos here.

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