Equine Wound Photos

Stud horse injured in his stall when he reared at another horse. Before and After approx. 90 days.

Two year old colt in Ohio fell through the grate of a grain elevator. Before and after 6 months. Most of the healing took place the first 60 days, but the hair was completely regrown within 6 months. No scar!

Barrel horse in Utah with a wire cut that de-gloved most of the leg. This happened days after the owner bought this horse! We didn’t get the final photo, but the owner is thrilled and highly recommends PF Wonder Salve.

This is another before and after case posted by one of our customers on the PF Wonder Salve Facebook page.

Before and after 5 weeks. Heel injuries heal quickly with PF Wonder Salve. This injury was bandaged for 3-4 weeks. The horse is 100% sound.

Cracker, the gorgeous Leopard Appaloosa stallion in Shasta California. This started out as a small wire cut, but within 1 month, the proud flesh grew like crazy. It was the size of a grapefruit. Before and after 6 weeks.

This yearling colt horse stuck her it’s head under a pipe gate hinge and peeled the face back with exposed bone. Before and after 8 weeks.

This Oklahoma ranch gelding stuck his head through a barb wire fence. Before and after 8 weeks.

PF Wonder salve is safe for all livestock, poultry and pets. The dog had a fatty tumor removed and his owner used PF Wonder Salve when the staples busted open.

This mare kicked through a steel slat at a bucking stock sale. The before photo is 3 days after her injury. Proud flesh formed quickly due to the blunt force trauma. Before and After 120 days.

Indonesian rescued pony with completely de-gloved leg and burn. Her owners tried to eliminate proud flesh with boiling water! She was released to a rescue called Horses of Gili. Less than 3 jars of PF Wonder Salve were used! She’s sound with no scar and almost 100% hair re-growth. Before and after 6 months.

This case was posted on the PF Wonder Salve Facebook by the owner. You can find many more cases on our Facebook page.

Yearling colt with deep laceration on upper leg. The owner rigged a bandage with yoga pants and hay twine! Genius! It worked and with PF Wonder Salve and PF Wonder Wash, the colt doesn’t have a scar.

Wire cut on filly. We didn’t get the final photo, but the area completely flattened and smoothed. Before and after 4 weeks.

This is Kid, a barrel horse in Iowa. Click on the video to see his before and after

Rosie is a two year old roping horse. She was attacked during the night with the side of her face de-gloved. Before and after 6 weeks. This healed very fast with PF Wonder Salve. Her owner owns Western Ranch Supply in Montana. You can find PF Wonder Salve stocked in their stores.

This colt got a huge gash down his flank from a steel gate latch. Two ribs had to be surgically removed, but he had a complete recovery in 8 weeks.

This kitten was found abandoned in a Montana landfill with frostbite. After amputation, proud flesh formed. PF Wonder Salve removed the proud flesh and healed the wounds. The owners were so impressed they now stock PF Wonder Salve in their natural health store.


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