Proud Flesh & Leg Injuries

Proud Flesh In Horses

Proud flesh may be eliminated without surgery by using PF Wonder Salve. It’s such a flexible product that you do not have to wait for excessive tissue granulation to form to use it. The photos below show a horse that stepped into a grain elevator and had his leg de-gloved from the grate. The first photo shows day one of the injury. The second photo is the first day the owner started using PF Wonder Salve. The salve was used from that point until the very end until the hair filled on. Most of the healing took place within 6 weeks of using PF Wonder Salve. The entire duration from the first to last photo was 6 months. The horse is 100% sound and has no scar.

I have never seen something get rid of proud flesh as good and pain free as this product. I highly recommend it!

Charla Johns Brannon
Horse Owner

Proud Flesh On Horse’s Leg

The leg injury photos below show start to finish from a contusion and bruised bone. The horse’s injury was obtained during a livestock sale from blunt force trauma when the filly kicked her leg and got it stuck in a steel slat. The first photo was taken 2-3 days after injury, and proud flesh was starting to take over. This shows how quickly proud flesh can become exuberant. The time span up to last photo was 10 weeks. PF Wonder Salve was applied and cotton padding/vet wrap bandaged changed every 2-3 days. Leg was wrapped for 6 weeks. After that, PF Wonder Salve was applied to the area without a bandage. Hydrotherapy was not done on this horse. The wound was washed with PF Wonder Wash at each bandage change. The mare is 100% sound.

Equine Exessive Granulation Tissue

Show Horse in Kentucky with severe proud flesh. By the time the owner discovered PF Wonder Salve, she had already spent a lot of time and money with veterinary treatments involving surgical removal of the proud flesh. However, the proud flesh continued to progress to the point she was desperate for a solution.  The injury was a few weeks old by the time the horse’s owner placed the order for the salve. Salve was applied to area with included brush, then wrapped. Bandage changed every 2-3 days.

I am so grateful that the wound healed. In regard to the actual wound… The medication worked like a miracle!!!! I was ready to give up. It means a lot to me the help you have given me. I will write more later when I have time to concentrate & and really think about a very complementary statement on behalf of your product. I’ll keep in touch… You provided the miracle I searched for!!! I am very grateful.

Christine DeHart


Non-Healing Wound Care

The case study below shows a non-healing leg injury with proud flesh. This mare is in Terrell, Texas. The mare had been cared for under the direction of the owner’s vet. However, after two months, the wound had not contracted in size, and proud flesh was a growing problem.  The first photo shows the condition when the owner first started applying PF Wonder Salve.

Barb Wire Cut With Proud Flesh

Little Joe is shown in the photos below. He had a de-gloved leg from a barb wire cut. The horse was treated by a veterinarian for about a month when the owner decided to try PF Wonder Salve. This horse was scheduled for surgical removal of the excessive tissue granulation when the owner discovered PF Wonder Salve. Final photo coming soon.

How To:

PF Wonder Salve was applied to the area and the bandage was changed every couple of days.

Once the wound was level with the leg surface, the salve was applied to the area without bandaging.

My gelding caught his leg on barbed wire and ripped the skin diagonally open to the bone just below the hock joint. After a month of the vet’s and other horse owner’s advice I ended up with proud flesh. The vet was going to come out and cut the proud flesh off and I was not happy with that treatment. A little research on the internet resulted in finding your website. I was impressed by the testimonials and reviews and decided to give it a try. I am SO glad I did. In only one application, I saw a dramatic difference! I was amazed. This is not an exaggeration either. It is a wonderful product and I highly, highly recommend this to anyone. I wish I had had it in the beginning instead of wasting a month’s time on everyone else’s remedies. I can’t say enough good things about your salve. I have it on hand and will never be without it again.

Brenda Bridges
Owner Of Little Joe, West Texas

Proud Flesh Explained:

The body’s natural defense is to heal itself, but horses commonly have a problem with wound healing lower parts limbs, which results in the development of fleshy growths known as proud flesh or excessive granulation tissue.

Granulation tissue is part of the wound healing response in the horse. Granulation tissue is a red/pink color with a flat surface. It is the wound bed, upon which new skin cells across the wound to provide a healed surface

As the new cells move across the wound, they produce a chemical signal that encourages the granulation tissue to contract or close in. The movement, or migration, pull the sides of the injury towards each other. PF Wonder Salve accelerates this process and speeds wound contraction significantly.

A combination of granulation tissue, epidermal cell migration, and wound contraction form the components of wound healing. If the process of healing is flawed in any way, the balance between the healing methods can go off course. When wound contraction and the migration, or spread of new skin cells are hindered, the wound size may increase because granulation tissue is the only active component in the injury.

Proud flesh: treatment and aftercare

A wound with an excess of granulation tissue no longer requires surgical removal. PF Wonder Salve is guaranteed to eliminate existing proud flesh and prevent it from forming. It also works on old proud flesh! The surface of an old wound may need debridement if the proud flesh is hard and tough. A proper wound dressing for lower limb injuries speeds the healing process.

Prevention of proud flesh:

PF Wonder Salve man be used as first aid to prevent proud flesh formation. Healing relies on the formation of delicate skin cells, and use of strong chemicals, and too frequent washing and scrubbing stops these cells. Delayed healing is often due to mismanagement, and too much interference, but as we like to say, less is more. With PF Wonder Salve and Wonder Wash, you don’t have to worry about proud flesh. We guarantee it or your money back!