Equine Sarcoid Treatment

Treatment For Sarcoids On Horses

Equine sarcoids are the most common tumors seen and account for approximately nine out of every ten skin tumors seen in horses. They are non-malignant (i.e., they do not spread throughout the body), but do grow larger and often spread and multiply locally.

The photos below show a Louisiana horse named Cody, whose owners had been battling large sarcoid growths near the gelding’s penis and on his pastern. The growths were biopsied and positively diagnosed as sarcoid tumors. After three years of cutting, freezing and trying every product their veterinarian had recommended, the sarcoids were getting huge. That is when the owners decided to try PF Wonder Salve. After 80 days, the tumors are 95% gone. We are waiting for the final photos. The owners and the vet, Dr. Batt of Batt Veterinary Services, are thrilled with the results. Dr. Batt is now recommending PF Wonder Salve to his clients.

I highly recommend PF Salve! After 3 years and thousands of dollars on wraps and procedures…. PF Salve was our miracle!

Erin Clesi
Cody's Owner

Sarcoid On Pastern

This sarcoid is on the same horse as shown above. It had gotten so large and deep by the time that they found PF Wonder Salve, they thought they were going to lose the horse. It was starting to affect the mechanics of the leg, tendons, etc. Within days of using PF Wonder Salve, the sarcoid started lifting and separating. A large chunk fell off at at the same time cauterized the blood supply so that the virus did not spread. We are waiting for the final photo.

Sarcoid Tumor On Ear

This is a Warmblood mare named Bumplett. She had a large sarcoid on her ear, but it’s more than 50% gone in 3 weeks. Previously, the vet removed it, and it’s been frozen three times but afterwards it came back with a vengeance. Before finding PF Wonder Salve, Bumplett’s owner tried fluoride, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and anything else she read about. Someone on Facebook suggested she try PF Wonder Salve and she ordered a small jar. It started working right away. We look forward to sharing a final photo soon.