Pastern | Fetlock Injuries on Horses

Fetlock | Ergot Injury on Horse

Rodeo Queen is a bucking mare, and an adorably cute one, at that! She injured the ergo, which is on the back of the fetlock. There was a small amount of exposed tendon, and drainage from the wound. This wound was extremely sore and painful, however, the mare turned around quickly. The ergo and surrounding area are especially prone to developing proud flesh. Duration shown in photos is three weeks. The first two days, the wound was packed with ichthammol to draw infection. On Days three and four, a sugar paste (water/sugar) was packed on area and wrapped. Sugar quickly granulates tissue. Since there was exposed tendon, the tissue needed to be granulated before applying PF Wonder Salve. Beginning on day four, PF Wonder Salve was applied.


Bandage changed every other day for first 10 days.

Bandage changed every three days for another week.

The remaining time, PF Wonder Salve was applied to area and left unwrapped.

Deep Pastern Cut On Horse

This filly was discovered with a dirty, nasty cut on her pastern. The cut was extremely painful, inflamed, and bloody.  As the wound healed, the hair growth has kept up with the wound closure, and no white hairs! The cut was over an inch deep at the top. This cut was never wrapped, and nothing was applied except saline solution (to clean), and PF Wonder Salve. This turned around very quickly, with minimal maintenance.


Pastern injury was cleaned with saline daily.

Salve was applied daily, with no bandage

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