Equine Hock Injury Photos

Barrel Horse With Hock Injury

“Kid” was found with a serious injury to the front and side of his hock. His owner got him to the vet right away. The prognosis was not good. The veterinarian informed Kiana that Kid would likely never be sound again. After several weeks, the wound began forming proud flesh. During this time, the wound had barely gotten smaller. It was then that Kiana heard about PF Wonder Salve from a friend. Once Kiana began using PF Wonder Salve, the proud flesh smoothed and the wound size showed reduction with every bandage change. Most of the healing took place within 60 days.

Hock Injury on Horse

Initially, the injury on the front of the hock shown below did not appear to be serious, however, often times contusions will get worse after a few days. The owner is not sure what happened to this horse, but it appears as though the horse rolled and got hung up in a fence, or panels. The first photo shows exposed tendon. Sugar paste (water/sugar) was used to granulate tissue over exposed tendon. Sugar paste works quickly, and helps create a healthy wound bed. After a couple of days, the tendon was no longer exposed, and the owner applied PF Wonder Salve. Photos shown below. Final photo coming soon.

How to Granulate Tissue Over Exposed Bone

In injuries where there is exposed bone, or tendons, it is crucial that granulation tissue is formed as quickly as possible. Many compounds such as nitrofurazone, actually slow down healing. Sugar paste works quickly, and is antibacterial. To make sugar paste, mix plain sugar and water until it forms a thick paste. This paste is not to be confused with Sugardine. Sugardine is a popular paste made with sugar and betadine. Sugardine mix is somewhat counter productive. Sugar is antibacterial on it’s own merits without betadine, a.k.a. Povidone-iodine, which damages tissue. Sugar paste is only recommended for a few days, as it quickly granulates tissue to the point that it may become excessive. After using sugar paste, use PF Wonder Salve to contract the area, aid healing, and prevent, or eliminate proud flesh.

Hock Injury with Exposed Bone

The horse shown below went through a fence and suffered a laceration to the hock. The owner wrapped the hock with a figure eight bandage for a few weeks. The second photos shows what the injury looked like just prior to using PF Wonder Salve. In this case, PF Wonder Salve was used to prevent excessive tissue granulation. We don’t have any additional photos to include towards the end of healing. We are always grateful for the photos that our customers send, and are especially grateful for the final photo.

Capped Hock Injury On Horse

The case shown below was a tough one with permanent cosmetic damage, however, the wound itself healed nicely. This could have been a disaster if the wound had gotten infected, but PF Wonder Salve formed a protective coating, over the area. It was not possible to wrap this tough-to-heal injury. The owner in Illinois did a great job managing such a difficult wound.

I used PF Wonder Salve twice, once in a horrific accident my 11 year old gelding suffered from on his hock and again on a 3 year old gelding who had a wire above his hoof. In both cases, this product seriously worked great. I don’t know how my gelding didn’t get an infection with as deep a wound as he suffered from but he didn’t and I think it was due to this product. It kept it incredibly clean and after using for a few weeks I noticed how quickly the area started to close. It took over 6 months for it to close completely and by using the product every day and by following the instructions exactly, it closed without any major problems. I will definitely use this product in an emergency if I am unfortunate enough to suffer from something like that again.

Allyson Stephens
Horse Owner