De-Gloved Leg Horse

Severed Extensor Tendon with Exposed Bone

Breeding stallion JA Shugak Returns, A.K.A. Spike, obtained a de-gloving leg injury when he got hung up in a fence. The leg was de-gloved almost all the way around. Spike has since made a complete recovery, although he’s still dealing with some occasional tendon swelling. Spike’s owner discovered PF Wonder Salve after the wound reached a stand still, and was not healing. Once Spike’s owner discovered PF Wonder Salve, the leg quickly began to heal. It was a major milestone for this spectacular stallion. Spike was injured in April of 2015. Spike’s owner began using PF Wonder Salve products in November of 2015.

Degloving Injury Photos

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My young stallion jumped back into a fence and wrecked his hind left, 8 inches of cannon bone was exposed and he severed his extensor tendon. After emergency surgery and 7 months of healing under the care of our amazing vet and myself, using traditional wraps, a brace, and autologous serum salve, his wound would not close. It remained a 5 inch by 7 inch open wound right below his hock. He was set to go back to surgery and have skin grafts, but he has reactions to anesthetic. Surgery was a very huge risk. Then I found PF Wonder Salve. This salve closed my stallions wound in about a month and now his hair is even filling in. Yesterday he went out to a small grazing pasture for the first time in 8 months. This salve truly is a miracle in a jar, and it’s all natural products, no harsh chemicals. And their customer service goes above and beyond. I am keeping a jar on hand at all times now.

Amanda Davis
Owner of Breeding Stallion JA Shugak Returns, A.K.A. Spike, Rose Wood Arabians

De-Gloved Leg With Exposed Bone & Infection

The mare shown below is a show horse in Wisconsin. Apparently the mare got a wire cut while turned out in a pasture. It’s estimated she had been injured for two days prior being found barely able to walk. The mare was in very serious condition with a large area of exposed bone. We are awaiting final photo coming soon.


For best results, properly bandage leg injuries.

Tissue granulation of exposed bone is crucial ASAP.

Sugar & saline solution packed on exposed bone is an excellent method of tissue granulation.

Once tissue granulation reaches desired level, paint salve on area with included brush.

Do not apply salve directly to exposed bone.

De-Gloving Leg Injury With Proud Flesh

The mare shown below had a de-gloved leg all the way to the bone. After two months of using a veterinarian prescribed Corticosteroid ointment, the wound had not contracted or healed at all. Also, tissue granulation, a.k.a. proud flesh, was excessive. At this point, the mare’s owner did a search and discovered PF Wonder Salve. The first photo shows the condition when the owner started using the salve. Salve was painted on area with included brush, and wrapped. The bandage was changed every 2-3 days.

De-Gloved Leg

Little Joe, the gelding shown below, had a de-gloved leg from a barb wire cut. The horse was treated by owner, under veterinarian directive, for about a month when the owner decided to try Proud Flesh Wonder Salve. This horse was due to be scheduled for surgical removal of the excessive tissue granulation when the owner discovered the salve. Final photo coming soon.


Salve was painted on area with included brush. Bandage was changed every couple of days.

Once wound was level with the leg surface, the salve was painted on area without bandaging.

My gelding caught his leg on barbed wire and ripped the skin diagonally open to the bone just below the hock joint. After a month of the vet’s and other horse owner’s advice I ended up with proud flesh. The vet was going to come out and cut the proud flesh off and I was not happy with that treatment. A little research on the internet resulted in finding your website. I was impressed by the testimonials and reviews and decided to give it a try. I am SO glad I did. In only one application, I saw a dramatic difference! I was amazed. This is not an exaggeration either. It is a wonderful product and I highly, highly recommend this to anyone. I wish I had had it in the beginning instead of wasting a month’s time on everyone else’s remedies. I can’t say enough good things about your salve. I have it on hand and will never be without it again.

Brenda Bridges
Owner Of Little Joe, West Texas