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PF Wonder Salve is guaranteed to be the best product for proud flesh, and all other types of wounds, or your money back! It is ideal for wire cuts, sores, burns, sarcoids, mud fever, scratches, fungal conditions, and all types of skin conditions on horses. PF Wonder Salve is ideal for cuts and sores with or without proud flesh. Used as a first aid, PF Wonder Salve prevents and eliminates proud flesh, also known as excessive tissue granulation. PF Wonder Salve is safe and effective with no damage, sting, or burn. Safe for livestock, poultry and pets.



Naturally antibacterial, kills bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses on contact.


Use from start to finish on wire cuts, sores, burns, scratches, sarcoids and fungal conditions. Removes proud flesh without damage.


Forms a protective coating that repels flies and is odor-free.


Naturally anti-inflammatory, reduces pain and swelling. Marked reduction in swelling may be noted with each bandage change.


No sting, no burn, no damage. Horses love the soothing relief. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Negatively charged particles bind and dispel toxins so that the body can often heal itself.

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Treating An Equine Leg Injury?

PF Wonder Salve is renowned for outstanding cosmetic results when used on equine lower limb injuries. Take a look at the case studies below and see how our highly raved products work. PF Wonder Salve and PF Wonder Wash are a powerful combination! Both products contain ionically charged ingredients that bind toxins. Both are painless, odorless, safe and effective. PF Wonder Salve relieves pain and inflammation. PF Wonder Wash thoroughly cleans the wound bed without damage. Horses ♥ it and so will you.

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Leg Injuries
Face Wound on Horse
Foot | Hoof | Pastern

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