Proud Flesh & Wound Care

  • Non-Caustic
  • No White Hairs
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Outstanding Cosmetic Result
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Proud Flesh Eliminator & Wound Care for Horses

The all-in-one Solution for Proud Flesh, Cuts, Sores & Fungal Conditions


The results. Protect your horse with PF Wonder Salve. An unblemished horse is more valuable than a blemished horse. PF Wonder is ideal for all cuts, sores, and lacerations with or without proud flesh. It provides the best cosmetic result with little to no scarring. Our solution effectively eliminates and prevents proud flesh. Use it on skin issues, rain rot, summer sores and more. PF Wonder Salve gently smoothes away proud flesh, also known as excessive tissue granulation, without damage to healthy tissue. Save time and money with PF Wonder.


Amazing Stuff!

After one month of treatment with PF Wonder Salve, I’m so impressed, and amazed how this stuff works. Never in a million years did we think it would heal like this. The hair regrew. We weren’t sure if we were even gonna be able to keep the horse the way he was. So happy we came across this online. Best purchase ever.

– Kim Hagen

Works Fast

PF Wonder Salve works quickly and is easy to apply. My 3 year old Gelding stands so nice while I apply, because I believe he too feels the healing energy of the product. Once I started the application of PF Wonder Salve, the foul smell of the flesh wound went away, and the mending process started almost immediately. Thank you! As my horse and I are both very happy!

– Colleen Latham

Highly Recommend!

I absolutely would recommend this product to anyone. The support you receive on this product is unprecedented. The company absolutely backs their product; the customers do too. Thank you PF Wonder Salve, for one of the best products offered to the world of equine owners!

– Katie Landino

Grateful That I Found This Product!

Dr. Lyle’s consultation regarding the injury of my horse and the use of PF Wonder Salve was most valuable. Clearly he is a compassionate, thoughtful and kind veterinarian. His replies to my questions were thorough and detailed. His experience with PF Wonder Salve as a useful wound management product was important to me. I am so grateful for his help.”

– Michelle Brosseau

PF Wonder Salve Is a True Lifesaver!

I have to admit I was skeptical, but for the price I figured we had nothing to lose. I’m so glad I found your product! Tank’s foot looks great! He’s made a complete recovery with only your product. Never needed the vet! Thanks so much! It’s a true lifesaver!”

– Kaci Willis, R.N.


Surprised and Impressed!

I am using PF Wonder Salve on a horse with a serious wire injury to its pastern and heel. This horse has been treated for two months with little healing taking place. In a week of using the salve there is a noticeable improvement in the lessening of the proud flesh, and the area looking a lot healthier. I am both surprised and impressed.

– Dr. Alistair Lees, BVetMed MRCVS, Shavehill Equine Clinic, UK

Outstanding Results

PF Wonder Salve has been as effective a product as I’ve seen in minimizing scar tissue, and giving a nice cosmetic result.

– Dr. Bruce E. Lyle, DVM, Aubrey Equine Clinic

Used with Success!

I have used this product on several severe cases, with great success.

– Dr. Lu Ann Groves, DVM, The Whole Horse

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What is PF Wonder Salve?

PF Wonder Salve is a unique, smooth paste that forms a protective coating for equine proud flesh, and all types of cuts, and sores. The paste is applied with an enclosed brush. A thin veil of paste on the area is all that’s needed. PF Wonder Salve is safe for all types of livestock.

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Is PF Wonder Salve Only for Proud Flesh?

No. In addition to eliminating proud flesh, PF Wonder Salve is perfect for all types of cuts, sores, scrapes, burns, rain tot scratches and fungal issues. It prevents and eliminates equine proud flesh, a.k.a. excessive granulation tissue.

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Is PF Wonder Salve Caustic?

No. PF Wonder Salve does not damage healthy tissue and does not damage the fragile wound bed. PF Wonder Salve creates a healthy, clean wound bed. PF Wonder salve targets undesirable proud flesh, and rapidly aids in healing wounds. Fast acting. Works best wrapped on leg wounds.

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PF Wonder Salve is easy to use. We regularly hear from customers how they love that there is no odor. It’s one of the first things they notice when they change the bandage for the first time. The solution is gentle, yet powerful.
Reduces the appearance of scars.

• No white hairs.
• Promotes hair re-growth.
• Easy to use, no waste, no mess.
• Use from start to finish.


Follow enclosed, instructions. Clean area and blot dry. Apply PF Wonder Salve with enclosed brush. Allow solution to slightly dry for a few minutes, then wrap. PF Wonder Salve works on areas that are wrapped or unwrapped. For best results, we recommend wrapping areas on lower limbs, if possible. Repeat process in 1-3 days depending on severity. Do not apply directly to exposed bone. PF Wonder Wash is an excellent, mild cleanser that enhances PF Wonder Salve.


Our water based formula is in the process of being patented. We have enhanced the original, secret formula by adding Ion Chelated Silver, Plantain Skin, Mastic Gum Resin, Comfrey Root, Artemisia Absinthum, Bromeline, Myrrh, Ulmus Rubra, Pullulan and Isododecane. What it is formulated WITHOUT:
• Alcohol
• Iodine
• Petroleum Products

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