Barb Wire Cuts On Horses

How to Treat a Cut on Horse's Leg

Clark was an abandon horse found with a serious wire cut. Clark was adopted and healed by the wonderful people of North Texas Doberman Rescue. Clark made a full recovery and is now a nice pleasure horse.

 The second photo was taken after one month of veterinary care. Although the wound was in fair condition, it was quickly developing proud flesh. You can see how the area turned around after using the proud flesh salve. Since Clark was found several days after the injury, there is a small area where hair didn’t grow back in due to damaged follicles.


Leg was bandaged first several weeks with salve applied to area

Last few weeks leg was unbandaged with salve applied to open area

This salve is amazing. I wish more people would be willing to try something new. I have used it on Clark, and the results were amazing! It helped keep the area dry and not oozy. He recovered quickly and it looks great. I plan to always have some on hand.

Julie Munford
Owner, Doberman Rescue Of North Texas

Wire Cut on Horse’s Hip

Tivo is a horse in south Texas. He received a wire cut from a panel while turned out in a pen. After a few days, the stitches came loose. The owner then began using PF Wonder Salve on area.

Wire Cuts in the Foot | Hoof

Click below to see more wire cuts. The majority of cuts and injuries shown on our site are due to wire cuts. It’s hard for most people to avoid using wire, but at least there is a fast, easy way to heal the wounds caused by wire fencing.