Barb Wire Cuts On Horses

How to Treat Wire Cuts

Even though wire cuts can appear to be devastating injuries, they are easy to treat. You can expect an outstanding cosmetic result with little to no scarring. For best results, we highly recommend following our detailed instructions. The fastest results come with bandaging, and no hydrotherapy.

Try our "less is more" approach, and see how well it works for you. Less hosing, or hydrotherapy. Less products, and less fussing over the cut. Let PF Wonder Salve do the work, and you can get the same results 1,000's of other satisfied customers have gotten.

Steps for Treating Wire Cuts

1. Wash area with PF Wonder Wash and blot dry. 2. Apply PF Wonder Salve. Be sure to get it in the deep crevices. 3. Bandage. It's really that simple. Repeat every couple of days, and be sure to read our detailed instructions. This is all that was done in the video below, and that timeframe is 5 weeks, start to finish.

Pregnant Mare with Wire Cut

What a difference a week makes! The vet treating this mare recommended euthanasia, as she had infection in the coffin joint! We suggested cleaning with PF Wonder Wash, packing PF Wonder Salve all over the wound and in the crevice, and recommend Excede antibiotic from her vet. Here she is a week later looking and feeling so much better. It looks like she’s going to heal just fine. Due to foal in less than 2 months!

The Pregnant Mare Foaled

This is the same mare before & after 4 weeks. Two lives saved with PF Wonder Salve! Just 4 weeks ago the vet treating this mare who was due to foal, recommended euthanasia. The mare completely healed and after a few more weeks was sound.

Barb Wire Laceration On Hip

Pete Carr Pro Rodeo bronc with a large barb wire laceration on her hip. They didn’t hydro and fool with it every day. Less is more with PF Wonder Salve. Less than 2 jars used. With PF Wonder Salve you don’t have to dink around for weeks or months using multiple products.

Barb Wire Fence Laceration

“Hi. This is my colt. He got into some fencing 7 weeks ago. I tried your product and was very pleased. The stitches didn't hold so it had to heal from the inside out. Thanks, and great product.”