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PF Wonder Salve 6 oz
PF Wonder Salve 2 oz
PF Wonder Salve First Aid Wound Care For Horses

PF Wonder Salve

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PF Wonder Salve is highly concentrated. A little salve goes a long way. The 2 oz. size jar is ideal for small to medium sized wounds. For large wounds or multiple horses, we recommend the 6 oz. size tub.

PF Wonder Salve Wound + Proud Flesh Care

PF Wonder Salve eliminates and prevents proud flesh without damaging healthy tissue. Effective on cuts, sores, lacerations, wire cuts, mud fever, saddle sores, burns, rashes and fungal infections. Made with natural ingredients that contain anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral agents. Non-caustic, painless and odorless. Relieves pain and inflammation on contact. Works bandaged or un-bandaged. Horses feel immediate relief and tolerate application well. Horses love it and so will you. Veterinarian tested; veterinarian approved. Safe for equine, bovine, other livestock, poultry and pets.

PF Wonder Salve benefits:

  • Use from start to finish. You don’t have to wait for the area to “fill in”
  • Dissolves excessive tissue granulation a.k.a. proud flesh
  • Protects against bacterial, viral and fungal conditions
  • Use on cuts and sores with or without proud flesh
  • Heals infected and superficial wounds in horses
  • Promotes hair regrowth without white hairs
  • Forms a protective barrier
  • Provides soothing relief
  • Prevents proud flesh
  • Repels flies
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Purified Water, Minerals (Negatively Charged Ionic Particles, Chelated Silver), Polyphenols, Alkaloids, Botanical Extracts, Resins (Mastic Gum, Myrrh, Artemisia Absinthium, Bromelain, Ulmus Rubra, Pullulan), NADES (Natural deep eutectic solvents), Herbs, Enzymes, Isododecane.


Gently cleanse with PF Wonder Wash or water, and pat dry the wound. Apply product to wound. Re-apply every 1-3 days until wound is healed. Follow the enclosed directions. Store in a cool, dry place.

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