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PF Wonder Salve is guaranteed to be effective in eliminating proud flesh, and all other types of wounds, or your money back! It is ideal for wire cuts, sores, burns, sarcoids, mud fever, scratches, fungal conditions, and all types of skin conditions on horses. PF Wonder Salve is ideal for cuts and sores with or without proud flesh. Used as a first aid, PF Wonder Salve prevents and eliminates proud flesh, also known as excessive tissue granulation. PF Wonder Salve is safe and effective with no damage, sting, or burn. Safe for livestock, poultry and pets.



Naturally antibacterial, kills bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses on contact.


Use from start to finish on wire cuts, sores, burns, scratches, sarcoids and fungal conditions. Removes proud flesh without damage.

Protective Coating

Forms a protective coating that repels flies and is odor-free.


Naturally anti-inflammatory, reduces pain and swelling. Marked reduction in swelling may be noted with each bandage change.

Non-Caustic, No Sting

No sting, no burn, no damage. Horses love the soothing relief. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Binds Toxins

Negatively charged particles bind and dispel toxins so that the body can often heal itself.

Proud Flesh Treatment


Equine Leg Injuries

PF Wonder Salve is renowned for outstanding cosmetic results when used on equine lower limb injuries. Take a look at the case studies below and see how our highly raved products work. PF Wonder Salve and PF Wonder Wash are a powerful combination! Both products contain ionically charged ingredients that bind toxins. Both are painless, odorless, safe and effective. PF Wonder Salve relieves pain and inflammation. PF Wonder Wash thoroughly cleans the wound bed without damage. Horses ♥ it and so will you.

  • PF Wonder Salve

    $ 24.00$ 59.00
  • PF Wonder Wash

    $ 16.95$ 89.00
  • PF Wonder Wash Foam Spray Wound Wash and Cleaner

    PF Wonder Wash Foam

    $ 19.00
  • PF Pain Blaster

    $ 25.00

Veterinarians Trust Us

PF Wonder Salve is as effective a product as I’ve seen in minimizing scar tissue and giving an outstanding cosmetic result.

Dr. Bruce E. Lyle, DVM

Aubrey Equine Clinic

I have used PF Wonder Salve on several severe cases with great success.

Dr. Lu Ann Groves, DVM

The Whole Horse Veterinary Clinic

We Love Our Customers


After one month of treatment with PF Wonder Salve, I’m so impressed and amazed how this stuff works. Never in a million years did we think it would heal like this. The hair regrew. We weren’t sure if we were even gonna be able to keep the horse the way he was. Best purchase ever.

Kim Hagen

I absolutely would recommend this product to anyone. The support you receive on this product is unprecedented. The company absolutely backs their product; the customers do too. Thank you, PF Wonder Salve, for one of the best products offered to the world of equine owners!

Katie Landino



What Is PF Wonder Salve?

PF Wonder Salve is a unique, smooth paste that forms a protective coating for equine proud flesh, and all types of cuts, and sores. Highly concentrated. It reduces pain and swelling.

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Is PF Wonder Salve Only for Proud Flesh?

No. In addition to eliminating proud flesh, PF Wonder Salve is perfect for all types of cuts, sores, burns, rain rot, summer sores and fungal issues.

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Is PF Wonder Salve Caustic?

No. PF Wonder Salve does not damage healthy tissue. PF Wonder salve targets undesirable proud flesh. For best results, wrap lower limbs. No sting, no burn.

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