PF Wonder Fly Trap
PF Wonder Fly Trap
PF Wonder Fly Trap
PF Wonder Fly Trap

PF Wonder Fly Trap

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  • Assembly Instructions: Clip the inner cone to the top part of the net. Slip green bowl into the wire at the bottom. Place bait in bowl. Hang in a high traffic fly area.
  • To Empty: Remove the bottom. Turn the cone part inside out. Dump flies into a bag. Some insects may still be alive so be careful not to let them escape.
  • Fly bait not included. Suggested bait: spoiled meat, stinky fish bait, cat food.
  • Empty trap every few days to keep attracting flies.
  • EASY, environment-friendly, and safe to use.
  • Diameter: 9.25 inches.
    Height: 15.75 inches.
  • Materials used: Iron Wire, Gauze, Plastic.
  • Results may vary. Try various baits.
  • 1*Reusable Fly Trap
  • Hang low to the ground in non-windy area.
  • Sweet horse feed works well as bait.
  • gently tug on the bottom of trap to smooth out the fabric
  • Try different locations. We personally use this trap in the barn and catch thousands of flies

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